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  • thecardoc3 12/24/11 8:03 pm PST

    A heater core issue is one thing, the mode door operation is something totally different. Is this an manual or automatic system?

    The manual system used engine vacuum to control the mode doors and a loss of source vacuum will give you defrost only (default position).

    If this is an automatic system then you need the Chrysler DRBIII for tany testing.

  • rslater1 09/05/12 10:21 am PST

    I was just searching for this same issue and saw your post. Not sure if you ever got it fixed, but I have the same problem on an '02. I found that the issue is the selector wheel under the dash. Instead of a vacuum system, it seems to work with a selector arm and a wheel with tracks in it to change the air flow path. On mine, the arm pops off the track and causes the dash vent to stay open all of the time. If I put mine back on, it works for a while then goes off track again.


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