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  • 0patience 05/02/10 1:56 pm PST

    There are a couple specific places to check for problems.
    On the passenger side front of the engine compartment, you will see an evap cannister with hoses going to it. Check each of these hoses, especially at the bends and connections for splits or leaks in the hoses.
    Next check under the driver's side on the frame rail, there should be another cannister. Check the hoses to that and the ones that run through the frame. Make sure none of those hoses are split, cracked or disconnected.
    And make sure the fuel cap isn't on loose.

    Leak at Gas Cap
    Vehicle History and Service Bulletin Investigation
    Visual and Physical Inspection
    Verify Evaporative Emission Leak
    EVAP Purge Solenoid Operation
    Intermittent LDP Monitor Failure
    Evaporative Emission Leak Detection
    Gas Cap
    LDP Component Leak

  • thunderchild 05/21/10 9:43 am PST

    When I got the same code I took it in to the dealer. After a vacuum check They found a split hose along the under carriage. I still have the hose. about 3 inches long and $150.00 to fix. No more problems with leaks.


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