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  • will117 07/07/13 12:30 pm PST

    We had the same thing, with a lot of research we found a cheap solution. The issue is one of the rectangular white relays overheating and actually partially melting. You will need to feel for the hot one but it is in the upper right position. Move another relay to this position from another position, drive directly to the auto parts store an purchase 5 more. We must replace every six months or so. Visible damage to the plastic beside the center prong. The relay cannot handle the load long-term. More expensive solution we have seen is to replace the entire fuse box at a cost of $500 or more. We like the first solution!

  • phatdave_76 09/27/15 1:40 pm PST

    Will 117 thank you for your input on this matter, it was your post that led me to the fix on my 03 x. We are a limited income family, this was a great blessing. God bless


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