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  • sandman235 04/17/08 6:02 am PST

    5k for an oil pump? Sounds like they are going to have to pull the motor for that much money. I know several people who have over 200k miles on their Ford diesels and have never had to replace a pump. I won't go into the reasons you might have a bad oil pump but this is not "normal" for this engine. sorry for your troubles

  • roland3 04/19/08 8:48 pm PST

    ... Should not even think about it til beyond 300,000. First thing is to hook up a standard mechanical guage, with no electrical connections.

  • dawwg47 08/09/08 6:13 pm PST

    The 6.0 in our ambulances are notorious for the high pressure oil pump seals going out. When the motor is cold it'll start no problem. But shut it off and try to restart after a couple minutes and you're up the creek. Pour copious amounts of water down the back side of the motor to cool the pump down and it'll start again. Our guys have already come up with a new design to solve the problem once the warrenty expires.


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