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  • brake_down_ 10/16/09 9:19 pm PST

    You may have a faulty ignition switch. Or even a loose wire harness connector under the driver side. Connected to the steering colum. Otherwise look for a loose relay.

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  • anikita 11/06/09 9:52 am PST

    Just want share that I have the exact same problem with the same car; Ford Focus 2003 SE.

  • boxerregan1 02/12/10 12:51 pm PST

    Had the same problem 2002 Ford Focus, had to have cluster replaced. Ford dealers are doing a deal on this as watch dog raised the problem of a fault in older Fords.

  • keioki 03/28/13 10:30 pm PST

    I have same problem with my 2002 Ford Focus. I have took it to Ford on the island and they found nothing but charged trouble shooting. I also took it to a independant place on Kam Hwy. across from Pearl City Mall. They seen the problem but could not figure out why. They took apart the instrument cluster and said cleaned the conections. Well the car worked for about 1 month, now it's back to excessive sweeping and/or gauges not come on from 5 sec's to a couple miles of driving.


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