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  • sandman235 01/31/08 4:30 pm PST

    not hard, you could pull a line off the pump and drain it, why are you changing the fluid?

  • georgiag 02/01/08 7:02 am PST

    I took it in for my annual inspection , i passed the inspection, however, they said the steering fluid was black and not clear and for a mere $100.00 bucks they would change it for me. NOT!!!!

  • bolivar 02/01/08 5:51 pm PST

    In my opinion, this is not worth the trouble of pulling a line, which might even cause a leak.

    If you do want to help, buy a cheap turkey baster. Use this to suck all the fluid you can from the resevior. And refill. This will probably change out 50%, or more, of the fluid. This eliminates the leaks possibility and the possiblity of getting air into the system.

    Run it a little, then repeat, several times if you want, to remove even more of the old fluid.

  • gnicholson 05/07/11 10:04 am PST

    I changed mine yesterday with a turkey baster and 1 quart of fluid, sucked out the old , refilled, cranked up and turned the wheel back and forth several times, did this 3 times and fluid was pretty clean and clear by then , had a little fluid leftover , still whines but not near as much .


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