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  • knockster 12/01/08 7:11 am PST

    I had a similar problem a couple of months ago with my 04 Envoy. After searching high and low, I found out you need a Technical manual which has the diagram for that. They are extremely expensive. I went to http://car.justanswer.com/ asked my question and a technition answered all my questions and sent me a copy of the diagram showing all 3 actuators and pointed to the one I needed to replace. I had to pay for the service but at $15.00 it was much cheaper than the manual or taking the vehicle to a dealer. Make sure you specify in your question that you would need a diagram of where these items are. Good luck.

    Source: http://car.justanswer.com/

  • lacrossesoaked 12/01/08 7:36 am PST

    Diagram: if you cannot find one at the Ford website/parts tab, try non-manufacturer parts dealers. I have had some luck going this route.

  • mwoody1 01/12/09 11:56 am PST

    Morning sir, My name is michael, I was just reading the web and looking at some problems people are having with their windstar. I have a 2003 windstar. I'm a die heart ford lover . To try and help people is my mission in life. About a year ago mines started doing the same thing. Since i love working on car especially muscle cars and show car i'm always reading about them . If you remove your utility compartment unit. This is the part that is at the very bottom center below the cup holder. It is used just to store items. Normally held in by 2 screws. While laying in the floor of the van and looking up under where the utility tray was, You will see a white actuator about 2 inches in length. It is mounted to thefront of the heating unit box. I removed mines and took it to the dealer and pursched a new one. It is only held in place by two screws. Look at the way it is positioned on the heat box. The new one from the dealer wasn't too expense if i remember correctly. When I replaced the new one on it . It took care of my problem this unit controls the onening and closing the heat box to allow you to go from cold to heat. When they go bad they may stick in the cold position which means it wont alow heat to be directed into van. When mounting the new one be careful because they are only made of plastic. The arm on the back of it is inserted into a slot on the heat box. sometimes you may have to turn the hole on the heat box to get the actuator to insert correctly. God bless you and hope this helps and save you a little money

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