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  • rustedorbusted 01/04/11 7:53 pm PST

    i would guess that i 81 is not a factor i would guess the speed sensor is going bad any mil lights on

  • teran 01/05/11 3:33 am PST

    start with disconnecting negative cable on battery first. Then find the harness where the speedo connects to tranny and unplug it and then replug it in again. Re connect negative cable back on battery.Check fuses and relay . if you cant find some of these parts and were they are located a good investment to buy a repair mannual at a local auto parts store cost about 24.00dls.Need and ohm meter cost about ten dollars at home depot.Hope this helps!

  • jwyatt 01/05/11 11:35 am PST

    Turns out the problem 'cured' itself when she stopped for gas. When she restarted the vehicle, the speedometer began working again. Go figure.


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