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  • Chase@Edmunds 07/22/13 2:47 pm PST


    That engine misfire you're feeling is exactly right! Code
    P0302 means that cylinder 2 is misfiring.
    You can Identify it's a faulty ignition system then next swap ignition
    lids from ignition coils. Be careful, each coils have two lids one short and
    other long bit deference and when you remove and fix it to the car, keep in mind the correct order because each coil two different fire for two spark plugs. If you mix this up, it can create the fault code.if you detect any fault
    ignition coils or spark plugs or lids replace that and also whether good or bad
    recommend to replace spark plugs, find the right that's most important thing.

    If this way couldn't found the any ignition fault next step is check fuel
    pressure. When the engine running fuel pressure must be around 4.5 bar without
    engine running must be 4 to 6 bar. If the fuel pressuer is too low, you will need to check two
    different things, one is fuel pump other is fuel injectors, in this case you can
    swap injectors from right bank to left bank and find is the injectors leaking. If none of this has proved to be thie issue, it could always be the fuel pump as well.


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