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  • ray80 06/17/10 6:50 pm PST

    I would guess it never was an overheating thing if you didn't see any indicaters of it. As for the 'no hot air' coming from vents, it may be the cooling system wan't properly bled of air after the flush and fill ( There are 2 bleed screws to take care of this). For the no start/ maybe starts thing I would wonder if the c305 connector has corrosion and / or moisture issue. This is a pass through connector in back of drivers seat under the carpet (about where a rear passenger would put their feet) You could do a google search on 'GM C305 connector' and find more info. Hope this helps

  • ozidede 10/16/14 2:10 pm PST

    Hi. Am also having similar issues with my pontiac. How did you solve yours?


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