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  • obyone 10/13/08 12:16 am PST

    The clock may be on a different fuse and the lights have been known to fail. The question is if it's a bulb the radio should still play. Does it?

    GM likes to put fuses in various areas. You would need to check your owners manual as you may have missed one.

  • bandit10 12/30/08 8:57 pm PST

    If the clock & radio share the same bulb, then that's a definate possiability.

  • conniejoe 01/15/11 10:33 am PST

    My 2004 Grand Prix has 3 led bulbs in it. They went out one at a time till there wes no display at all. I had to remove the radio, take it apart and take the board to a auto radio shop and have old ones removed and 3 new ones sordered on. cost 25.00


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