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  • lokki 05/28/09 10:08 pm PST

    Here is something that may help... it's regarding a 2001 Outback, but should apply to your situation:

    There are several possible answers to this problem. First, check to see if you have brake lights. If not, check the fuse that supplies power to the brake lights. (my 2001 outback is #16 20amp located behind the coin drawer in the dash). If it is blown, replace the fuse and push on the brake pedal. If it blows again, you have a short in the system. Most commom fix is to replace all the brake lights. Sometimes they short out the system, blow the fuse and that will keep the car from shifting out of park. If the brake lights do not keep the fuse from blowing, it could be the brake solenoid located at the top of the brake pedal, or it could be the shift lock solenoid located to the right of the shifter under the cover. The easiest way to check these items is to unplug the wiring harness one at a time and then replace the fuse and see if it blows when you press on the brake. My fix was the shift lock solenoid. It isn't super hard to replace and can be found online or at a local wrecking yard

    Source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Your_subaru_o

  • ilvlitlbabydux 05/30/09 11:34 am PST

    Thank you for responding Loki. I brought it to my mechanic, it was the solenoid. I saved myself a lot of aggravation by letting them take care of it. Not as easy to do as they or I thought after all.


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