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  • bpari005 06/06/08 10:17 pm PST

    If they all quit at seperate times then it is definately the speakers themselves are shot. I can almost guarantee you that he is cranking the heck out of the speakers and they are fried. I have been installing stereo equipment professionally for 3 years and have seen it alot. New speakers are the way to go. Also, tell him not to use the radio until it's fixed or it will fry the radio. You can replace them with any other speakers that are the right size. Doesn't matter the brand and I would get anything expensive, because they will sound terrible with the factory stereo anyways. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap is the way to go. Check crutchfield for the sizes of the speakers or just go to a stereo shop and have them replaced. I would not suggest retailer installation (such as bestbuy or circuit city) they will try to sell you extra parts you don't need. Speaker harness adapters for instance are a waste of money. The factory speakers are blown so cut the factory plug off. I believe the speakers are 6 1/2" in front and 5 1/4" in the rear but not sure. A good salesman will try to sell you better speakers, but on a factory stereo the cheapest walmart speakers sound just as good as the most expensive high end ones. If you want it to sound better 1. Replace the factory stereo. That is the first step in any good quality audio system. 2. If you want really loud buy expensive high wattage speakers and a amp to run the door speakers. 3. If you just want better than average sound, but not blow your head off, replace speakers and cd player with aftermarket, but buy the midgrade speakers. Look at the power output of the CD player listed in RMS wattage and match up to a set of speakers with close to the same RMS wattage. should be listed on the box of both. Happy trails.

  • djjbaker 09/01/08 6:01 pm PST

    We have the same issue with our 2003 TB, and can guarantee the speakers aren't getting blown out by playing music too loud. We've been told the weather stripping is letting water in the door when it rains, and unfortunately the water pools in the door. If your TB has a musty smell after it rains, this is probably a problem for you too. Putting baffles over the speakers didn't help, our brand new speakers went out after less than 9 months.

    My suggestion: new weather stripping (which may need to be done every three or so years), and new 6.5" speakers. Perhaps a desiccant in the bottom of the door may help too, or just drill small holes to let the water out.

  • mikednd1 12/07/09 9:17 pm PST

    I strongly agree with the second answer. Speakers get blown from prolonged distortion, and I dont enjoy listening to music at a level that would wreck them. However with the musty smell and other identical described symptoms listed above hit the nail right on the head. I just wrapped up installing a new alpine in my t-blazer hoping the problem was in the head unit, but i still only have one and a half speakers working. So lets tally this up, i've got a taillight out with bad wiring, a malfunctioning instrument cluster that left me with no tac. or speedometer, and bad weatherstripping resulting in speaker failure. All good reasons I wont be buying another SUV with a GM logo on it!

  • rrhammett 10/27/12 11:12 pm PST

    2005 trailblazer having all the problems other folks are reporting. My suv only has 68,000 miles. I take very good care of my vehicle. Bought this suv brand new. My gauge cluster panel quit working about 9 months ago checked the price several hundred dollars. Just discovered my fuel tank gauge no longer works I called dealership GM s recall is 50/50 for fuel sensor only still several more hundred dollars. Now my radio has started going out only right speaker works but on occasion they all work for a few hours. Any help out there? Should not Gm step up. I read where there 865000 fuel gauges being investigated but no help with.cluster panel. Please advise

  • lkanney 08/25/14 2:31 pm PST

    In regards to the instrument panel, the stopper motors for each gauge has gone bad, if you can solder well, then this can be fixed easily. The link is below. Stopper motors can be purchased for about $3 each from eBay.http://forums.trailvoy.com/showthr


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