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  • karjunkie 10/31/08 5:26 am PST

    Probably a bad blower motor resistor. To get at it, do the following:

    1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
    2. Remove the passenger side cowl trim panel, as follows:

    3. Remove instrument panel side cover.
    4. Remove front door sill scuff plate.
    5. Remove A-pillar cowl side trim panel from vehicle by disengaging hidden clips.

    6. Position the carpet to access the front upper screw that secures the air inlet housing.
    7. Remove the recirculation door actuator, as follows:

    8. Pull the carpet on the passenger side front floor away from the dash panel far enough to access the recirculation door actuator.
    9. Disconnect the HVAC wire harness connector from the recirculation door actuator.
    10. Remove the two screws that secure the recirculation door actuator to the air inlet housing and remove the actuator.

    11. Disconnect the blower motor wire lead connector from the blower motor resistor or power module, depending on application.

    A mechanic will probably chagre you 2 hours labor plus cost of the part. I estimate about $250 for the job

  • arf77wauwi 10/31/08 12:34 pm PST

    Wow this is amazing, I just took my 04 Pacifica into the shop for this very same problem.

    I was told th heater control panel was bad and the entire thing needs to be replaced.

    The part from the dealer is 498 dollars plus 30 minutes installation.

    But I have the same problem, off it goes full blast, on I have control over the fan speed but I cannot change the blower to floor or defrost, it always blows out the front.

    Good luck!

  • ignacios 01/22/09 5:43 pm PST

    must be the blower resistor, its a comun problem on this cars ater fifty thousand miles,to replaced I recomend to send to professional mecanic( dealer preference) they have all the equippment to test after instalation your a/c sistem and give you waranty, aproximately going to cost you $220.00.


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