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  • tony78 12/22/08 1:00 am PST

    Take you car to the dealer and have them run a diagnostic on it,,this will cost about $ 80-100 dollars.

    This way you can get a good idea of what the problem is and how much the total repair cost will be.

    Now some folks will tell you to go to autozone and how they will check for engine codes for free,,ok lets look at that for a minute,,,so they check for codes,,now you see you have this code and that code and this one and ,,you get the picture.

    So you got all of these codes,,, Whew ! so you replace this sensor and that doesent solve the problem,,so you replace that sensor,,problem still there,,soon you have racked up quite a little profit for sombody ,,,and all of those parts being electrical,,they are non-returnable.

  • karjunkie 12/22/08 7:41 am PST

    You either have a stuck idle air control (IAC) valve or a vacuum leak. First check for vacuum leaks. Check all your vacuum hoses attached to the intake manifold for cracks and leaking connections. Spray starter fluid around the intake manifold gasket to check for vacuum leaks. If the engine surges from idle as you spray, you have a leaking intake manifold. The IAC is what provides the enriched fuel/air ratio to the engine at idle when cold so if it’s too dirty from the black gunk that forms inside the throttle body to function properly, a bad or high idle or an engine that dies at idle when cold is the usual result. Cleaning the IAC is easily done with a toothbrush and spray throttle body cleaner after removing it from the throttle body which is easily done by just removing the one or two torx-head screws that hold it in place. Once it is clean, together with the hole the IAC’s plunger fits into, use the remainder of the TB cleaner to clean out the inside of the throttle body per the instructions on the can. While you're at it, I would also check the EGR valve and clean it as well with the throttle body spray as a gunked up IAC usually means a gunked up EGR. Good luck and let us know if you have any follow up questions.


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