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  • alaskanj 06/01/10 5:32 pm PST

    I would think the codes are stored in your "stored codes", but if not....Charge your battery back to full somewhere around 12.68 should be good. As you crank if the problem still exsist, it should set the DTC again and you can retreive it that way... Remember a Full Battery in order for the ECM to stay on while cranking..

  • camarotim88 06/24/10 2:07 am PST

    No spark and no fuel usually means the PCM is not getting an RPM
    signal. This simply means that you can crank all you want and the
    computer has no idea that you are cranking the vehicle trying to start
    it. If it gets no RPM input VIA crank sensor or engine speed sensor as
    it is called, the computer does not know what fuel injector to pulse at
    what time and will not send a spark out put. it needs to see a signal
    from the engine speed sensor. Check the crank sensor and its wiring,
    and PCM pin where it receives the crank sensor signal because either
    the signal is not being produced, or its not receiving it. As for
    getting codes, your car is an OBD II vehicle. Get the battery charged
    and run the car. Drive around for a bit. Shut off your car for a bit
    then get back in and drive. Your check engine light will be back with
    the codes. The first time you drive your car the computer will see the
    fault and will set what is called a pending code. The pending code WILL however set a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) but WILL NOT turn on the check engine light. The second
    time you drive your car if the computer sees the fault for a second
    consecutive time, it will then set it as a current code and the light
    will come on. These are called trips. The computer must see the fault
    on two consecutive trips to turn on the light. Then three consecutive
    trips without seeing the fault to turn off the light. The code will be
    a history code but still accessable. The code will be completely erased
    after 40 more trips without seeing the fault. If it sees the fault one
    time, it starts all over until it gets to 40 consecutive times. I hope
    this helps or at least gets you on the right track. I would also like to ask some questions, how long was the check engine light on for? Any driveability problems with the light on? When did the car just die? were you sitting at a traffic light, cruising down the road? any misfiring, rough idling, hesitation?


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