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  • alaskanj 12/02/10 1:01 am PST

    Does the sound change with the RPM? As the idle goes up the chirp increases or as the idle goes down the chirp slows also??? Have you checked the alternator or if you have Air Conditoning, checked the ac compressor???

  • slopok 12/02/10 11:42 am PST

    its not the air compessor powersteiring pump belt its an elctrical sencer on top of the motor i can hear the chirping noise with my stehiscope it does it in the morning and it warms up and it slows down it gets cold than starts again till it gets worm than it mite do it for a little and it mite not its not a belt noise if i can just identify that part has two wires not sure if it has somthing to do with the oil pump like a shaft form that part down to the oil pump it lines up with it from the top to the bottom where the oil pump and filter is.

  • joemustang 10/04/12 4:06 pm PST

    Just had the same problem fixed. Its the camshaft.

  • ric17 02/20/14 3:29 pm PST

    It is the camshaft synranizer, it is located where the distributor would normally go. The camshaft positioning sensor mounts on top of it.


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