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  • elias 03/17/12 9:33 pm PST

    water leaks can be really tough to find, and can require multiple attempts for expert/top-$ mechanics. also can be unrelated to windshield as you and your diligent windshield dudes have already found out.
    does problem happen when car is driven or parked? if when parked, more likely a clogged drain tube. if only/mostly when driven, more likely a down-low leak relating to door/undercarriage/wheel-well. plastic shields in the wheel wells. plastic shields inside the doors, not sure if they can break/move but i know they can be misaligned from the factory sometimes.
    is there a sunroof with water drain tube plugged with leaves? (seems like maybe sunroof was not available on this vehicle.) sunroof or not, the water drain openings under the car can get plugged and cause water to appear in unpredictable/distant locations .
    a last-ditch diagnostic approach used for a previous new vehicle under warranty was to remove the rugs and take it through the maximum car wash. in that case the problem was a misaligned water-barrier inside a door. maybe spray wheel-well/undercarriage/doors more than top of the car...

  • sl39722 03/17/12 9:49 pm PST

    Seems to happen when not driven. Checked the drains under the winshield cowl and everything looks good. No sunroof-does have a luggage roof rack. Maybe I'm missing something with the drains?

  • elias 03/18/12 8:44 am PST

    It's gotta be the roof/luggage rack... goog shows others mentioning issues/water-leaks with luggage rack screws/corrosion/loose.

  • scottjeep2 05/17/12 12:09 pm PST

    I have a 2002 liberty with leaking in drivers floorboard. Last night I fixed a large leak that was on the inside left fender "kick" panel that mates with the firewall. How: to the left of the brake pedal, once you remove that plastic panel where the hood release is, look at the electrical components mounted on the panel. You will see an electronic device that looks like a TV remote control - flat black & white plastic. Carefully pull that away from the panel by wiggling/prying it away from it's mounting screws. There aren't any nuts holding it on, it's just a friction fit. Behind this small device I found a round hole that probaby should have had a plug inserted into it at the factory, but doesn't now. I covered it with heavy tape and the leak stopped. It was a BIG leak. I detected it by removing the plastic cowling cover (under widnshield wipers) and laying hose down in corner by the fender. NOW I have to find the OTHER leak around the door seal!! It is also leaking around where the grab handle is at the drivers side door, into the plastic panel where the fuse box is. Shouldn't be too difficult to fix, I am just glad I caught these before they caused any damage/rust. Just got the car and I suspect previous owner babied the car in garage storage for most it's life. Good luck, post when you solve your problem.


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