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  • zaken1 02/26/11 10:42 pm PST

    I have searched both generic OBD II codes and Kia specific codes, and were not able to find any code number like the one you posted. So I believe the number you listed is not accurate. It is easy to make mistakes when typing; but if you make such a mistake when either reading, remembering, writing down, or typing a trouble code number; it prevents people from being able to help you.

    There is a code number P0104; which does not refer to a solenoid. Instead, it refers to a bad mass airflow sensor circuit. A problem with the mass airflow sensor is very likely to cause a rough idle. If you or somebody else has previously tried to clean your mass airflow sensor; if they did not use the right chemicals on it, it might have damaged the unit. Even if they did use mass airflow sensor cleaner spray; if your mass airflow sensor is what is called a "Karmann Vortex Design" it cannot be cleaned with ANYTHING without risking damaging it. I recommend checking and possibly replacing the mass airflow sensor. On OBD II systems like yours; it is also necessary to use a code scanner which has the capability of clearing trouble codes (code readers and low priced scanners cannot clear codes) to clear the computer of trouble codes after repairing a problem (even if the check engine light has gone off); in order for the engine to then run normally.

    A bad mass airflow sensor could cause increased oil consumption. But it would be NORMAL to expect some oil consumption on an engine that now has 120,000 miles on it; even if it didn't use oil in the past. A modern engine that is using oil would not put smoke out the exhaust unless it was burning massive amounts of oil. Typical amounts of oil consumed will be burned up in the catalytic converter and exhaust system before reaching the outside air.


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