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  • karjunkie 01/12/10 5:11 pm PST

    That transmission does not have a dipstick on the V8s and has a dipstick under the car on the V6s. If you can't locate the dipstick under the car, you need to open the check plug on the transmission from under the car. It is a PITA

  • newowner10 01/12/10 5:12 pm PST

    Why is it different then any other car? If you have no reason to think it is different must cars warm the transmission up on a 30 minute drive.
    Park the car on a level spot.
    Move the gear selector thru all of the gear positions . (I do not know why you should do this)
    Place the car in Park.
    Remove the dip stick for the transmission.
    Clean the dip stick off.
    Slide it back into the opening fully.
    Remove the dip stick and hold it level and view the fluid level on the dip stick


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