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  • subearu 01/24/08 8:57 pm PST

    Seems to affect 2002-2004 3.0L V6 MPV's, typically the rear bank of cylinders. The initial designs of the coil seemed to not disperse moisture properly and over time would lead to a cylinder misfire. There's been a few revisions to fix it, from reading elsewhere it is the new coils with an AC at the end of the part number that are the good ones.

    You may never need to replace the remaining 3, but there's a chance that the ones replaced could fail again if they aren't the "good" revision parts.

    Typically, they need to take the top part of the engine off to get better access to the rear bank, so if they've already got that off, it might be cost beneficial to replace all (and the plugs). Of course, your 2004 *should* be under warranty and this repair should be covered. They will only replace those that fail when under warranty.


  • laidback22 03/30/09 11:33 am PST

    The new part# is a nice thought but I am replacing my sixth coil and two are repeat failures both ending in tha letters AC. My problems always happen when van does not get driven for more than 2 days especially when non driving days have large temperature differences i.e. warm day cold moist nights. the first three coils died inder 35000 miles, the next at 52000 and now two more between at 63000. I'm replaceing this one and getting rid of van. I had this same engine in my sable and went 200k with zero issues.

  • danvpa 02/03/10 8:41 pm PST

    I have also have 3 coils replaced in the last year, two rear and one front. Always seems to have happened on a longer drive (45-60 mins) in cold wet weather. But all with in the last year, van has 58,000 miles. I asked the dealer and got the same answers as above, that is it a common problem and once replaced I should be fine. A week after I got the 3rd one replaced check engine light came on again, but this time is was the catalytic converter (replaced free under the 8 year/80000 mile EPA warranty).

    The only good new is the the check engine light code is pretty specific as to which coil it is. I too am wondering when can I stop wonder when the next one will go.

  • jkorbes 12/08/10 5:59 pm PST

    Check out the post listed below for information on how to replace the coils, as well as information on how to get a set of six for far less than a dealer will charge you.

    Source: http://neveradudelikethisone.com/2009/0


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