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  • morin2 11/29/09 6:17 pm PST

    We had one of these and found it was very sensitive to fuel filter changes - do it on the owner's manual schedule (30K miles) or sooner. With the poor quality fuel we have now, don't let the tank get too low, and don't allow it to sit unused for any long period of time with less than a full tank.

  • strouptv 11/29/09 7:55 pm PST

    We did change the fuel filter and air filter ..no change. I also put in the most expensive gas at the station. It seemed to just happen overnight. Tuesday it was fine, Wednesday we noticed it and by Friday it was un-drivable.

  • morin2 11/29/09 10:03 pm PST

    Could be many things, but ruling out fuel problems will probably be first approach. I try to find the most simple things first. There is so much bad fuel out there that I use an inexpensive ethanol tester for every fillup. Its a pain testing every 3 days, but its worth it to know the ethanol content going in the tank. Your shop can siphon out a sample to test.

    Has your shop measured fuel pressure?

  • ray80 11/30/09 2:31 pm PST

    I don't know why there isn't any codes, but I think it may be in the area of the Idle Air Control (of course there are things beyond that which may be cause/affect)

  • strouptv 11/30/09 2:46 pm PST

    They did test gas pressure and said that was fine.

    What is Idle Air Control??

  • ray80 12/01/09 7:23 am PST

    The IAC valve is a electronic gizmo that helps maintain proper RPM by opening(or closing) an air passage in throttle body. It could be dirty, or its motor may not be operating correctly causing problems.

  • strouptv 12/03/09 7:48 am PST

    Just wanted to update you all for others who may experience this problem. It was the cars computer system. They had to do a crankshaft relearn. I have had the car back for 2 days and it is running great.


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