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  • harper3 09/25/11 5:00 pm PST

    Hello, It's a good idea to go ahead and replace your fuel filter too. an easy task. It should be located on your frame rail in front of the tank. Its a metal sphere shaped filter that runs in-line with your fuel line, both ends are threaded. cost under 20 bucks at most parts houses and will extend your injectors life span and if your current filter has any blockage you should be able to notice smoother idle/start and a increase in power cant be ruled out with a new filter. Also as a general rule I try to get a oil change every 2000miles instead of the recomended 3000-3500mile standard. A little TLC goes a long way. I wish I could find out why my fuel pump harness in the tank wants to melt before I go BOOM, Ive got a 93 GMC Safari, just put a new fuel pump, harness and filter in it. Any help is appreciated email me at ronharper469@yahoo.com Its AWD W/4.3 Vortec V6. Anyways hope Ive helped you, and if anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it this is my 4rth pump and harness in 10-15000 miles, needless to say melting wires inside the gas tank is a bit nerve racking and its my only transportation. Good luck to you, Ron


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