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  • docj 02/19/10 4:44 pm PST

    Radio not shutting off,interior light not illuminating are related....more than likely a door jamb switch is faulty not telling the RAP module to shut off the radio and illuminate the interior light when the door is opened.
    As far as the window,if the motor and switch are ok ,then its wiring or binded......
    How/who checked the window motor and switch?

    Try tapping the motor with a mallet while trying to operate it with the switch,it it woprks or makes a noise,faulty motor.
    also check for power and ground at the motor,check the regulator and run channels for any binding...

    Doc J

  • kerry11 03/20/10 12:38 am PST

    I have a 2006 and I have had the driver window fixed twice already!!!! The teck said he had to fix the wiring in the door, also regarding the cabin light I had that also happen and it was a fuse, I have a lot of problems with this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 78dat620 03/04/16 7:58 pm PST

    Just did this repair on my neighbor's 2005 Equinox with only 50K miles on the clock. If you open the driver's side door and look down low where the door hinges to the body, you will see a black, rubber boot, about 4 inches long and about 2" in diameter. That is the boot that houses the wireing harness that goes into the door.I opened the drivers side door and split and removed the black rubber boot that encases the wiring harness. I discovered 6 of the 12-15 wires were broken. I had some surplus wire about the right guage in the shop and some wire connectors so I just used my handy wire splicing pliers and stripped the ends of the broken wires and spliced them, adding a 6" length to each one to prevent them from binding and breaking again. The wires are all color coded so just match the colored wires when you splice them. I re-covered the harness with the boot and wrapped some electrical tape around it and it looks great! All the electrical stuff in the door now works again. It's simple and only took about an hour and saved the poor neighbor lady several hundred bucks. That's what the dealership quoted her to repair it. GM should be ashamed that they haven't recalled these vehicles and replaced this faulty harness design with a longer wiring harness.


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