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  • karjunkie 03/23/09 1:58 pm PST

    Your mechanic is referring to the wheel bearings. Yes, they need to be repacked with grease every so often. Normally, the wheel bearings will make a grinding noise when they begin to wear out. The whinning noise can also be coming from the power steering pump or the transmission. I would check the power steering pump and transmission fluid level just to be safe.

  • nothappy05 03/31/09 7:33 am PST

    I have same thing it kicks on after car has been running for about 8 minutes and has tobe going over 25mph. The dealer told me yesterday that it is the rear differential clutch housing. $2000.00 to fix. my local mechanic is going to try changing the fluid first. $60.00.

  • neverbychevy 06/09/09 2:05 am PST

    I have about the same problem with a whining/whistling noise. It is intermittent, and will slow when I slow, or speed up when I speed up. It mainly does this when the car has set for a while. The auto repair (dealership) believes it to be carrier bearings with a repair cost of about $400. Apparently this has something to do with the transmission but they said it would not hurt to wait to get it repaired. They said the reason for it not happening all the time is that the bearings get lubricated after driving it for a little bit. All though today I have not heard the noise at all. Does this make sense to you or anyone else out there. I am afraid if I don't get it fixed I may need to get a new transmission? What would you do?


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