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  • karjunkie 05/06/09 12:23 pm PST

    I'd check the sway bar bushings and the control arm bushings. I think the lower ball joints on these trucks are prone to premature wear, but you already replaced those. Could the strut plates be loose? Just thinking out loud..:)

  • mastertech19 05/06/09 12:27 pm PST

    its a car bud but yea i have done that and replace all that lol the only thing left is either the struts or the lower control arms from the spindle to the sub frame. I even replaced the torque rods.

  • mastertech19 05/07/09 12:41 pm PST

    all fixed the sway bar bushings fixed it no play in them but fixed the clunk.

  • karjunkie 05/07/09 12:47 pm PST

    Cool! I always add a little lithium grease on em cause they tend to get wonky. I think I saw an aftermarket bushing that allows greasing them with a grease gun. It's a grooved bushing with a grease nipple on the bracket.

  • antony313 05/10/09 10:41 am PST

    hi. i have the same clunk problem with my 2005 magnum rt. did yours also have a shake over 70 mph?

  • magnumdriver 06/16/09 3:31 pm PST

    I saw the answer to this on another forum. I got my Magnum back from getting new struts and alignment and the noise was still there so I took it in the shop when I got home and put it up on the ramps. I found a crack in the bushing at the end of the torque strut ( a.k.a. rear lower control arm on the passenger side). This will cause a chirping sound and can be very hazardous to your health if it comes apart. I have had not so good of luck getting the part because of all the dodge dealers being closed across my state. This is also a popular occurance it seems and they sell a couple a day. After I found the crack, I went online and found a mechanic talking about this very thing in a forum like this. Hope this helps. Some dealers wanted $100 and some only $70.

  • madmagnum 02/27/10 10:34 pm PST

    I also have a 05 Magnum RT with 108000 miles which is clunking. What finally fixed it?

    I am getting ready to replace the struts but I don't think that's the problem.

    Thank You,

  • defcon888 08/10/11 2:25 pm PST

    I have a 2005 Magnum (SE) and I was told that I need the struts replaced. They aren't leaking. My brakes are fine (75-80% left). What I am experiencing is that when I press on the brakes the front end starts to shake (not uncontrolably or dangerous), but enough to be annoying. I also have a sound/feeling of the tires being unbalanced. I do know I have a flat spot on my right front tire, but this was happening before the "rumbling".

    I was quoted about $900 for a strut job. If it isn't that, I don't want to waste the money. I am mechanically inclinded, but do not have the time or tools to do it myself (I can do brakes, and other maintence).

    Any suggestions?

  • mmsunnyboy75 04/11/14 10:01 pm PST

    i had the same problem it was my struts. replace them have'nt heard sents


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