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  • wwest 03/18/12 2:47 pm PST

    Front is cooling okay...?

    I'll assume so.

    Rear engine coolant flow control solenoid valve has failed/open.

    Refrigerant flow through the evaporator expansion valve is CONSTANT (hissing) due to the nearby HOT heater core not allowing the evaporator vanes/fins to decline to the 34F temperatrue wherein the expansion valve will begin to block refrigerant flow.

    If i am correct you should have good rear cooling capability before the engine coolant rises to operational temperature.

  • wwest 03/18/12 2:51 pm PST

    Oh, sorry, the front cooling capability may also be compromised once the engine coolant rises since the rear system will/might then be "stealing" all or most of the liquid refrigerant flow.


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