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  • mastertech19 04/19/10 8:32 pm PST

    have u tried removing the instrument cluster to see if there is a bad conection were the wires plug into the back of it. I would inspect that first and check to make sure the body grounds are all good and clean.Other than that ford has always had a problem with there GEM module generic electronic module which controls alot of those things. Check it for signs of moisture its on the back of the interior fuse panel wiggle the plugs around on it and so on and see what happens. Good luck and any other questions just ask and let me know what u find please.

  • jduever 04/29/10 5:20 pm PST

    I had a Ford mechanic friend of mine pull the instrament cluster out and he said nothing looked wrong with it. I'll check in to those other two things this weekend and get back to you. Thanks for the help.

  • jduever 05/24/10 9:13 am PST

    I had the gauge cluster replaced and it fixed all the problems. Thanks for all the help.


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