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  • zaken1 08/20/08 2:59 am PST

    You can ask the mechanic to test the "hot" side of the switch to see if it is getting juice. You can also ask the mechanic to temporarily bypass the switch. If the switch is bad, then this will make it start. If it still doesn't start, then you'll at least have proved that it isn't caused by a bad switch. It might also be that the switch just is not located in a position where the clutch pedal presses it far enough. Sometimes the switch can be adjusted, or a bracket has to be bent.

  • rearwheeldrive 08/20/08 5:20 am PST

    Sounds logical no power going to switch in the first place.

    I was answering one like this under 91 landcruiser just a few minutes ago and saw this one too. Mine was a corroded relay going to an aftermarket alarm system that was not in the wiring diagram. Yours sounds like wires corroded, if its starting like you said when you move them.

    Remove the bolt holding it to the stucture so you can pull it down and look behind it. Inspecting this area might reveal white powder,or green corrosion.



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