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  • avatar bodydude 01/21/10 6:10 pm PST

    It may be IPDM module under the hood on the passenger side close to the firewall it is the white connector block with electrical connectors and 9 relays with a lid on it there is one relay in there that supplies power to the coils and the mass air meter it is the bottom row second from the left facing the IPDM the relay is not available from nissan or anybody else for that matter but toyota sells one for $36.00that will work, the IPDM is $200.00 from nissan all you need is the relay, to tell, just switch one of the others into that spot and see if it starts.The toyota part# is 90084-98032 but it has 5 poles you must remove the one that does not exist on the old one Then it will plug right in.


  • hebertca 12/08/09 8:12 pm PST

    I recently experienced similar problems with my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. Brought to a shop that we trust and have used for many years. Was told that they received no codes on it and that they could not find anything wrong with it. I told them that it was not running right but that I would pick it up. Picked up the car on Friday and it stalled on me on Saturday and would not start back up. Had it towed back to the shop 4 weeks ago and it is still there. The shop has done a lot of research and consulted with our local Nissan dealership. The computer went out on it and according to the shop they have discovered that this is a problem with 05 Nissan Pathfinders. The shop stated that when they were calling around looking for a used computer, they were told that they were the 3rd party who had called on that day looking for a used computer for a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. Nissan wants a $1000 for a new computer plus $200 in shipping fees. The mechanic shop found a place to ship our computer to (did not cost $200 in shipping) and we are hoping that they can repair the computer and reprogram it but no luck so far. Still don't have car back. I can't afford $1200 to replace the old computer with a new computer. The car is only 4 years old with about 83000 miles.

  • hebertca 12/15/09 11:46 am PST

    Okay. Same problem was told it was the computer. Just replaced computer and finally got vehicle back yesterday after 5 weeks in the shop. The vehicle just did the same thing again so apparently it was not the computer. The car stalled on me in the middle of the road. After about 4 tries, it finally started again. We have already spent about $1500.00 trying to fix whatever the problem but it is still not fixed.

  • countrygirl403 12/15/09 11:21 pm PST

    Wish someone could help us out here. My mechanic is replacing fuel pump relay and going to check everything on main fuse box. Was sure hoping your computer repair was going to work! If we have any luck will post it here. Guess til then we will just keep trying. Still have not resorted to the Nissan dealer yet. Maybe we should just give in and let them at it!

  • hunter76 12/24/09 8:55 pm PST

    I had a similar problem with my 06 pathfinder. It only happened intermitently though. A friend who's a mechanic told me to replace my key because maybe the battery in the chip (i didn't know the key had a battery either) may be dead. I bought a new key from ebay ($25 as opposed to the dealer $150) and went to the dealer and had it cut and reprogramemd ($50) and I have had no problems since.

  • countrygirl403 12/25/09 9:58 pm PST

    Thanks for the input. I will tell my mechanic after holidays. I think that would be a cheaper route to try! My car only has 53,000 miles on it, didn't expect trouble like this. I sure hope yours stays running. Time will tell.

  • jrbreedlove 12/31/09 4:28 pm PST

    This is quite strange! My girlfriends 05 pathfinder is doing the same exact thing. It to has been to the shop (and is still there, 1 week) and the mechanic cannot figure out what is wrong? Car has fuel pressure, fires and no codes from computer??? He cannot in the slightest figure out what it is. Today i told him about the key (since we have a spare) and he is going to try that to see if it works. Both me and the mechanic are at a loss as to why it won't start. Any more help out there would be greatly appreciated. Wish you others out ther good luck with yours!!!

  • hebertca 01/01/10 5:21 pm PST

    We gave up and bought a new car. Vehicle broke down again this week and had to have towed again, second time in last 8 weeks. The new computer did not help the problem. Our mechanic was also at a loss as to what the problem was. We had alread spent $1500 in the last two months on it and could not see investing any more in it when no one could tell us what was causing the problem. Took a loss on the vehicle but I could not handle it constantly breaking down on me. This last time, I was driving down the street and it just died out and would not start. I will never buy another Nissan!

  • countrygirl403 01/02/10 11:28 am PST

    I hate to hear you did not solve the problem. That does not give me much hope for mine! I told my mechanic that I ought to just sell mine, but he said we had to get it to run or else it was not worth much! I will be watching to see if the new key fixed others problem or we see another post back that the problem has returned. I am just afraid to take to Nissan and turn them loose on it! If I want it to run, I may not have any choice. My car came from the auto auction down at Dallas, TX. The small dealer I bought it from had driven it off and on for 6 months before I got it. With only 53,000 miles you would think I would not have problems like this. We actually have another '05 Pathfinder that came from the same auto auction about 6 months before this one. My daughter is driving it and now has 86,000. Three times lately it has acted like it was not going to start. The time it did it with me I immediately turned of the key, waited a few seconds and then tried to start again. So far that has worked, but makes you think that it is about to start the same problems. With my car it started like a fuel problem (running rough, not idling), but hers it just won't start. I don't know whether to ditch hers while it is still running or keep it! Guess anyone who has solved a problem such as this is not reading these posts. If I ever solve mine I will try to get the message out!

  • jrbreedlove 01/04/10 11:45 am PST

    Well we tried the key trick and that did not solve the problem. The mechanic started tearing down the engine to see what might be going on mechanically and found that the engine had lost some compression. He is now in the process of digging deeper to see if he can locate why that is? Will post again once that is done.

  • jrbreedlove 01/07/10 1:26 pm PST

    FINALLY A CURE!!!! The problem has finally been located & identified. The IPMD, which communicates with the vehicles computer, is bad. After two stressful weeks and thankfully a relentless mechanic the problem is being repaired. Hope this helps those with the same problem. Repair i've been told will cost around $600-$700. Good luck!!!!

  • mlanier 01/13/10 7:05 pm PST

    Go to this link, this should help you out, if it doesn`t fix your problem, it may help narrow things down some. I followed the direction through the test my Pathfinder performed every test I did the switch out anyway and it started right up. http://www.titanspot.com/Titan/index.ph

    Hope this helps out.

  • bodydude 01/21/10 6:10 pm PST

    It may be IPDM module under the hood on the passenger side close to the firewall it is the white connector block with electrical connectors and 9 relays with a lid on it there is one relay in there that supplies power to the coils and the mass air meter it is the bottom row second from the left facing the IPDM the relay is not available from nissan or anybody else for that matter but toyota sells one for $36.00that will work, the IPDM is $200.00 from nissan all you need is the relay, to tell, just switch one of the others into that spot and see if it starts.The toyota part# is 90084-98032 but it has 5 poles you must remove the one that does not exist on the old one Then it will plug right in.

  • achie 01/29/10 2:25 pm PST

    I have had the same problem with my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE.They had it checked out @ the dealer and after $96.00, the dealer told me they needed more time to diagnos ewhich would have cost another $96.00 or more. Then a friend told me to get the IPDM(intelligent Power Distribution Module) replaced(costs $246 in Canada.When I changed that, the problem was gone.Hope this helps


  • countrygirl403 01/29/10 10:10 pm PST

    Here is message I posted on NICO a few days ago. I was waiting to be sure the new relay works. Toyota was out of stock on relay, but he called AutoZone and they were to have part yesterday. We have been in ice and snow storm, so don't really figure he got the relay on time. Interstate 40 from Oklahoma to New Mexico was closed. I will let you know if it works. Sorry I did not put this on the other day, but wanted to make sure it worked before I posted. Might have saved the above guy some money!

    Hope this is good news! Mechanic called today and said he tried the following patch and my car started! Tomorrow he will get the relay from Toyota and put it in. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. This was another post from edmunds, thanks be to those guys. I will keep you posted, either way, if it works or if it craps on me again!

    It may be IPDM module under the hood on the passenger side close to the firewall it is the white connector block with electrical connectors and 9 relays with a lid on it there is one relay in there that supplies power to the coils and the mass air meter it is the bottom row second from the left facing the IPDM the relay is not available from nissan or anybody else for that matter but toyota sells one for $36.00that will work, the IPDM is $200.00 from nissan all you need is the relay, to tell, just switch one of the others into that spot and see if it starts.The toyota part# is 90084-98032 but it has 5 poles you must remove the one that does not exist on the old one Then it will plug right in.

  • mlanier 01/30/10 1:02 am PST

    I posted an answer on this problem, if you go to the link in my post the person who posted this on the net tried replacing the relay and that is just a temp. fix for the problem. I suggest getting the updated IPDM board and replacing it. The board come loaded, ( fuses and relays in place ) unplug the old one, and plug in the new one, my` 05 Pathfinder gets a little better mpg`s on the highway now and smal things that were starting to happene, like auto window switch was acting up, is gone. You guys can do this yourselves, 30 to 40 minute job.

  • thboucher_02 02/04/10 12:04 am PST

    I have a 1999 Pathfinder SE, and had similar, though not identical, issues last summer.

    It randomly wouldn't start, then it would, then finally wouldn't start for two weeks. A mechanic had told me a few months prior when it first started doing this that the fuel pump would need to be replaced. I didn't have the money and it was starting at that point, so I didn't have it done. When it happened again, a different mechanic had it for two weeks, they ran every code they could, and nothing came back.

    Finally I took it to a dealer (btw, I called 4 dealers and was surprised by the variance in price so it's definitely worth calling around a little, save me like $100). They had it ready the next afternoon. Turns out that at some point, a mechanic had cut another key for it, and failed to program it correctly. The car thought it was being stolen, it triggered the security system, and locked itself down. The mechanic reprogrammed both of my keys, the car was fine, and it only cost me $92. I've read about a lot of similar instances, seems the security system is a little touchy.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

  • achie 02/04/10 10:00 am PST

    As I have posted before, I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE which I was experiencing the same stalling and unable to start problems. After Nissan dealer diagnostics could not find the cause of the problem, it was discovered by a friend that the cause of the problem is a malfunctioned IPDM(Intelligent Power Distribution Module) which when replaced, will resolve the issue of stalling and unable to start. It had been a disappointment of driving this 2005 Pathfinder. So glad that I had the IPDM replaced which resolved the issue. Hope this helps

  • thboucher_02 02/20/10 12:01 pm PST

    When my 99 Pathfinder wasn't starting last summer (see earlier post, turned out to be the security feature), the shop ran every diagnostic test, they had a 2 1/2" stack of printouts, but nothing came back. They told me the ECM (electronic control module) was fried. That's basically the motherboard of the car, and I considered it totaled, given the car's rapidly declining value as it breaks down part by part and system by sytem ...

    Anyway, I'm no technical wizard, but I couldn't imagine that reprogramming the ECM was that complicated, or worth the $1200-$2000 tag. So I did some research online, and actually found a how-to guide in pdf format on a (seemingly) reputable site set up as a forum and resource center for mechanics.

    It's been several months since I found that pdf, along w/ other info. on the same topic, so I'd have to dig it up from whatever folder I stashed it in on my desktop, but if anyone is interested in getting that info., just reply to my post and I'll be happy to forward it to you, or see if I can attach it herein.

  • mechinc1 02/20/10 8:54 pm PST

    Unfortunately you will have to find a mechanic who knows something about vehicles...Too bad that factory trained technician isnt any help!

    You said it started once when you put your foot to the floor?
    On ANY fuel injected vehicle when you crank the vehicle over you are giving it fuel. The longer you crank it the more fuel you are giving it. That's if the fuel pump is working fine.
    By stepping on the gas pedal you arent giving it any more fuel (myth) You are actually giving it more AIR! And as vehicles get older sometimes they need more air. I could go more into it as to how the computer is supposed to compensate for that...but that is another story lol
    If you have any one in your family who is mechanically inclined get them to do a tune up! This would correspond with the needing more air and the vehicle getting older.
    You always should start with the basics and go from there! And unffortunately the basics would be a tune up. I know you say you are a poor single mom. Start with some spark plugs and an air filter if cost is a problem.
    Pull the dipstick out and see if the oil smells like gasoline. If it does....Do an oil change before you do anything else!
    If it is flooded (too much fuel) then it wont start either. and this goes back to the AIR thing....
    If you ever suspect your vehicle is flooded. Hold the gas pedal to the floor and it shuts off the injectors and is called a clear flood!
    This might sound like a lot and I apologize. lol
    So start with the basics...Oil change and spark plugs and air filter. Even if it doesnt fix the problem...you always need those and save you money in the long run!

    Hope I was some help and good luck!

  • mechinc1 02/20/10 9:03 pm PST

    I didnt see your second post.

    Unfortunately programable ECUs are rather expensive. To save yourself some money go to an independant garage. someone who has a Snap on computer of a newer model that can reprogram ecu. It still isnt going to be cheap but way cheaper than the dealer! I would never go to a dealer unless my vehicle was under warranty!
    Remember when I said factory trained technician...I meant to say factory trained parts replacers!
    Just for [profanity deleted] and giggles..get a second opinion!
    We (my families shop) have run into this many many many times where the dealership had tthe vehicle for long periods of time (at a hefty cost to you) and didnt find diddly squat! And some of the time it turned out to be something relatively simple. (fuse, relay etc)

    Again......Good luck!

  • zaken1 02/21/10 12:46 am PST

    I have seen this kind of problem happen repeatedly with many different brands and models of cars made in the last 20 years. People often are baffled and confused because they cannot find anything wrong, and because it does not happen all the time. But it typically turns out to be caused by either a faulty crankshaft position sensor, or a faulty camshaft position sensor. Both of these parts are known to be unreliable, and both of them are used on the 2005 Pathfinder. They are easy to install, and just require removing one mounting bolt and an electrical plug. The crankshaft position sensor costs about $15 or $20. The camshaft position sensor costs about $60. There is only one type of crankshaft position sensor; but there are two different designs of camshaft position sensor; one has a straight plug, and the other has an angled plug. So you'll need to know which style is on your car. The link below is to a photo of the camshaft position sensor with an angled plug.

    Source: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinf

  • al2275 04/13/10 5:39 pm PST

    I believe the problem with my Pathfinder is the iPod connection I had installed. I used to keep the iPod connected all the time. Once I started disconnecting the iPod, the problem went away. I've only had the problem once in the last month, and I had the iPod connected. When I disconnected the iPod, it started right up. Does your daughter have an iPod or anything else like a portable GPS connected?

  • darrinjonz 09/13/10 9:43 pm PST

    "Guys, the new IPDM is a redesigned part. The old one had some problems with the board that caused the relay to short. If your IPDM ecu relay goes bad, I would advise to replace the board. There is a reason the relay blows...and it's not the relay's fault. Replacing the relay will just leave you stranded on the side of the road when the new relay gets fried by the bad board. $181 for the updated IPDM is cheaper than a tow truck."

    This is what I found from another site...After replacing my fuel pump, relay and filter on my 05 Pathfinder LE and two tow truck bills, I am ready to believe that replacing the entire IPDM board with all new relays is better than trying to get just another relay.

    Source: http://www.clubtitan.org/forums/showthr

  • gld2hlp 11/28/10 6:20 pm PST

    I just experienced a similar situation with my Wife's 2005 Pathfinder. I recently had a key cut and was told that it should not be a problem since our key did not contain a chip. Well it does and after trying the new key in the ignition and the engine not turning over, I inserted our original key and the car turned over.

    We began to experience difficulty a few days later and had to have the car towed back home. I researched this Edmond's site and thought for certain that the problem would be solved once we had the key reprogrammed. I had the car towed to the local Nissan dealer and after hooking me up to the computer the problem was diagnosed as a bad IPDM board. He further stated that they had a spare IPMD board in the shop and had swapped mine out and the car started right up. After having read the other stories here on Edmond's, I asked about the possibility of the relay being bad and not the entire board. The Service Manager stated that he had never heard of this and quoted me $450.00 for the IPDM and $200.00 labor to install it.

    I instead had the car towed back home and was prepared to purchase another relay from Toyota, since Nissan evidently does not make one. After opening the hood, I noticed a relay sitting on top of the engine shroud. It turns out they had simply pulled the bad relay out and tried the spare relay they had on hand. I am no mechanic, and it took me less than 5 minutes to pull out the bad relay and replace it with the relay they had forgotten to pick up. (Karma)

    The car started up immediately and runs great!! Thanks to this site, I was able to save myself a bill which would have cost in excess of $700.00.

    Hope this helps someone else experiencing similar starting issues with their Pathfinder.

  • dagov 01/12/11 5:49 pm PST

    I too had a similar problem with my 2005 Pathfinder. Would turn but did not start. left me stranded 5 times and towed it to Carmax as many time. Tecnicians replace the IPDM twice and the fuel pump 3 times. the last time they replaced the fuel pump the warranty had expired but because the problem had not been fixed they agreed in replacing it for free but i was told that if it happened again it would come out of my pocket. Truck started fine took it home. The next day it did it again. Cranked but would not start. I am a shadetree mechanic by no means am i an ASE Ceritfied Mechanic like the ones at Carmax. BUT I was able to observe,analyze and repair the problem. The issue was, and it probably is with many of your trucks. A FAULTY CONNECTION ON THE FUEL PUMP HARNESS that sits on top of the fuel tank. I dropped the tank looked at the connector and noticed evidence of arching and slightly melted plastic of the connector. Squeezed the female side of the connector, hooked it back up and has been running fine for the last 12 months and 18,000 thousand miles. Thank You CARMAX for the new fuel pump and an extra IPDM...

  • perry46033 01/24/11 2:35 pm PST

    1/24/11 Just had the same problem. Out of the blue it wouldn't start. It would turn over but not start. Read lots of others with similar problem. We had it towed to Nissan just in case they knew something since these posts. Good move. There is a recall on the ECM relay (might be getting the name wrong) but it's a switch that goes on the mother board to control the fuel pump. They knew right away what it was, didn't even have to push it into a service bay. Just fixed it in the parking lot. Had it towed in on Sunday night by lunch time on Monday it was fixed at no charge to us. Ours is a 2005 pathfinder LE with 150k. hope this post helps someone worried about their pathy. :)

  • snap8000 09/10/11 5:10 pm PST

    2005 Pathfinder with the same problem. Vehicle would start and run normally. Randomly the car would start to die like it the timing or fuel problem. I would try to pulll the car off the road, wait a couple of minutes and the car would operate normal again for a couple of days to a week. Very terrifing expericence if it happens on the highway!

    Assuptions here can cause you big time $$$ because its impossible to recreate the problem. Easy to assume it a fuel or ignition problem.

    After extensive research I found the its is $2.00 part in the INTELLIGENT POWER DISTRIBUTION MODULE (IPDM) call the ENGINE CONTROL MODULE (ECM) RELAY.

    Better yet there is a factory recall on this part.

    Here it is
    2005 Nissan Pathfinder Recall Details

    1. NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 10V517000
    Recall Date:




    Component Affected:

    Potential Cars Affected:


    So far my 2005 Pathfinder is back to normal.

    Good Luck!

    Source: http://www.autorecalls.us/aut-03/recall

  • j1j1 08/03/12 5:08 pm PST

    Thanks a million snap8000. 2006 Pathfinder SE owner. Vehicle coughed when I tried to start it. Since 114,000 miles, decided to change the spark plugs but only could access 5 of the six. Still no start. Took battery to auto parts store who said it was dead and replaced the old. Still no start. Took fuel assembly ($304.00) to mechanic to replace old fuel pump-still no start. Found this thread on the internet with the information about the warranty repair. Called Nissan Motors who verified that my vehicle was eligible under the recall terms. Had towed to dealer who initially said was no recall until I told him I spoke with Nissan and gave him a recall number. He attempts to start, says he smells gas , and warned that it's more than the ECM recall and that I would probably be looking at complex repair. Calls back two hours later said car was ready ---- ECM recall repair took care of it. Thanks again snap8000.

  • carshopvb 11/13/13 11:03 am PST

    If your mechanic will look on the passengerside of the engine compartment and look at the power distribution fuse/relay box on the bottom left second from the left there is a relay pull it out call your local nissan dealer ask for part number
    284B7-cw29e it should cost you about $2.00 Have them replace that relay and it will fix your problem.
    Nissan has a hidden campain about this relay they will sell you a computer and that relay comand box when the whole problem is a $2.00 Relay.

    Again bottom left of the white box on the passenger side second relay from the left. No fuel pump no computer no relay box just an ecm relay
    Part number 284b7-cw29e in virginia beach our cost is $2.18.


  • lindawny 10/25/14 1:24 pm PST

    Check the camchaft sensor but check both front and back


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