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  • edydo 06/18/09 5:20 pm PST

    I had a similar problem with my 2003 Grand AM. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filters and more, nothing seemed to work. It took over a year to finally get it fixed. The final solution turned out to be the ignition switch. I tried moving the key around in the switch before and it did not help, but replacing it fixed the problem. It has been a year now with no further problems. I noticed one difference before and after the fix. At times, before the fix, the fuel pump buzz could not be heard when the ignition switch was turned on. Since the repair, the pump always comes on with the switch. You have to be pretty quiet to hear it because the electric pump is in the gas tank.

    Source: Personal experience

  • marylandman 06/18/09 7:15 pm PST

    Thanks for your reply. I ended up towing it to a shop and it was the fuel pump. I'm just shocked that a fuel pump would go up after just 60,000 miles. I've had 10 different cars over the years and have never had to replace the fuel pump. Then again, all of those cars were either Mazda or Toyota. No wonder the "Big 3" are in trouble. The bill was a ticket of $600 and that's not counting the towing of $95


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