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  • Stever@Edmunds 06/06/10 2:18 pm PST

    While waiting to hear from the other owner, try pulling the fuse to "reset" the player. You might get lucky.

    Details in the How to Remove a Stuck CD forum.


  • cjinomaha 01/27/12 12:31 am PST

    I took the dvd changer out of the van, removed the black front plate and the silver top plate with the Model No sticker on it. I then removed the screws for the plate underneath (ie. there is one screw on the side you'll need to remove) the top plate and was able to lift up the dvd unit enough to take tweezers and lift out the dvd that was laying on top causing the error. I put it back together, put it back in and haven't had a problem since. I think it is caused by an electrical surge or stoppage while the dvd player is operating/changing. Mine occurred when/after I replaced the battery.

    the hardest part was removing wiring harness from back of unit when I pulled it out. There was very little room to pull the dvd player forward to be able to unlock the wiring harnesses with your hand.

  • rincewind 02/27/15 3:17 pm PST

    Happened to me as well. I first had it give me an error with disk 6 flashing so I removed it, put it back in and the lights would flash from 3 left to 3 right. I removed the DVD changer from the car again, removed the top (one screw), removed the black face plate (4 screws and carfully pry up on the bottom tabs when pulling it forward. I then took out the five screws holding the changer (four on top, one in the back) and removed the changer so I could get to the bottom. There is a set of wheels on the bottom that I started to turn which was easy at first but it seemed to reach a point where it was stuck so I gave it a bit more and something seemed to snap into position. So I assume that it was just the mechanism that jammed when it tried to switch disks. I put it back together, installed it, and it works fine now. When it first started all the lights would flash but then it settled down to a single light and I ejected the first 3 disks and number 6 and let it play the forth. Now to see how long it lasts.


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