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  • ray80 08/13/08 10:28 am PST

    I would check the '305' connector, its to the rear and below drivers seat I believe and has been known to allow water intrusion and/or corrosion causing troubles for various electrical things in rear of vehicle.

  • ealford 08/19/08 4:35 pm PST

    I have a 2005 RDV with the same problem and I have already had them replace the sensor and the instrument cluster which did no good. There is a tech. bullitin from GM on the 05',06 RDV's which states basically that there could be problems with the temp guage and or the fuel guage with erratic readings and there is no fix. It even says that the service people shouldn't replace the instrument cluster because that won't fix it. Buick says they are working on it but this has been a problem from 02' to 07' and unless more people complain and file suit, GM won't do anything about it. Look what it took for them to do something about the gaskets on the 2002's. Anyone who's car is still under warranty should seek justice through their state Lemon Laws. Because I bought my 05' used, even though it was still under warranty my state Lemon Law is usless. I would sure like to get a class action suit going.


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