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  • karjunkie 03/13/10 2:28 pm PST

    What codes did you pull?

    When the TCM detects excessive TCC slip when the TCC should be engaged, then DTC P0894 sets. Unfortunately, this code only identifies torque converter slippage and not the cause of it. Most likely, it is the torque converter clutch solenoid or the torque converter itself. I'd start by replacing the TCC solenoid and go from there.


  • drew3502 03/13/10 2:29 pm PST

    transmission component slipping not sure of code #

  • 0patience 03/13/10 3:03 pm PST

    What was the code number. The EXACT number, not the description.
    Your translation of the code could be wrong (yeah, those scanners may not be correct), which is often the case and leads us on a wild goose chase, which wastes our time and your's.

    Please provide the number.

  • drew3502 03/14/10 2:42 pm PST

    CODE P0894


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