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  • ray80 12/17/12 6:47 pm PST

    I believe the P0014 is going to lead to Exhaust cam actuator solenoid replacement, have had it done on mine. T/C light is not unusual for this either.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/17/12 8:45 pm PST

    In addition to it possibly being intake AND exhaust camshaft position sensors (seems odd that it would be both), please consider the following:

    Diagnostic Aids

    The engine oil condition has a major impact on the camshaft actuator system.
    A low oil level condition may set this DTC. The engine may require an oil change. Inquire with the customer when the last oil change was performed. You may also monitor the scan tool Engine Oil Life Remaining parameter. Advise the customer an oil change may be required.
    Inspect the engine for any recent engine mechanical repairs. An incorrectly installed camshaft, camshaft actuator, or timing chain can cause a DTC to set.

  • ray80 12/20/12 11:17 am PST

    I just recalled something else. There is a wire bundle that runs along top of engine on right that is held in place by rabbit ear kind of connection. On some 06's this connection can chaf the wires and cause various symptoms (Don't know if this is one of them), fix was to add additional insulation and of course correct any shorted wires.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/20/12 12:32 pm PST

    A good suggestion as well since with multiple codes, bad wiring is always suspect.


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