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  • tony78 07/14/09 5:59 pm PST

    A. Knocking noise.

    Does this happen when :
    1. engine starts.
    2. engine idles.
    3. car accelerates.
    4. car coasting.
    5. car braking.
    6.daytime driving.
    7. nighttime driving.
    8. dry roads.
    9. wet roads / raining.
    10. radio on.
    11. a / c on.
    12. heater on.
    13. ?

    B. windows screeching.

    1. power windows or manual windows ?
    2. window going up.
    3. window going down.
    4. hot weather.
    5. cold weather.
    6. ?

    C. Tire monitor.

    1. flashing display.
    2. no display.
    3. incorrect reading.
    4. high pressure.
    5. low pressure.
    6. ?

    You see, by keeping a note book on when and where these events happen, this will enable the service department to discover the why and the how to repair these issues.

  • ljrileylee 07/14/09 6:05 pm PST

    A. Knocking noise when car is in gear or not. when A/C is on or off.
    its a consistant noise .

    B. Windows screeching - power- going up/down. hot

    C. tire monitor system.
    message "Service Tire Monitoring System" before the message it will show
    that all the tires are either too low or too high. I have had all
    the censors replaced. been to the dealership 3-4 times no answer.

  • tony78 07/14/09 7:04 pm PST

    I can give you some ideas.

    1. Knocking

    Your engine uses a combination of sensors to monitor engine operation, the knock sensor is one of these. When this sensor detects an engine knock, the engines computer attempts to modify the fuel delivery volume and rate, ignition timing, temperature control among other things.

    The easiest thing the driver can do is to have their car serviced at regular intervals and use a good quality gasoline and frequent use of fuel injector cleaner, gasoline that is poor quality and of a lower octane rating along with dirty spark plugs and dirty fuel injectors are a leading cause of knocking. A cooling system that is maintained will help prevent overheating, an overheated engine can and will often cause knocking. Hard acceleration under a load can cause knocking.

    Maybe the knocking noise has nothing to do with the engine at all.

    Knocking noises can be suspension, transmission, or a loose bracket or component inside the dashboard.

    This is where you sherlock holmes clone comes into play.

    Be a detective, make a diary. record and documentation.

    Have the tech ride with you.

    Have the tech stand outside the car as you drive by,,maybe they will hear the noise then.

    Get a tape recorder,,record the sound.

    The screeching window can be caused by a misaligned window or a faulty window regulator mechanism.

    You will need to have the diagnostic codes run on the tps system to locate the problem.

    Did the dealer tell you that upon completion of a repair they conduct a " system performance test " ?

    This is to ensure that the system performs as required.

    If this dealer cannot assist you to your satisfaction, go to a different dealer.

    You also could go to different shops and then collect different opinions as to the problem.

    If you talk to 10 shops and 7 say the same thing then you know your probally on the right track.

  • ryster 07/19/09 6:22 pm PST

    Chevrolet is intimately familiar with concerns related to both the Tire Pressure Monitor system and power window issues on the Impala. They have issued a few Technical Service Bulletins for the tire pressure system. Chevrolet has not issued a formal service bulletin concerning the window screeching, however this has been an issue in both 2006 and 2007 Impalas.

    Any competent dealer will know how to resolve both the tire pressure and window concerns. Keep in mind, however, that if the vehicle is no longer under warranty these repairs will not be covered. Despite technical service bulletins being issued, they are not the same as a recall. They only provide guidance to dealers in resolving potential problems.

    The knocking sound in the dash will be more difficult to diagnose. You mention it is coming from the passenger side. It could be anything from a loose passenger airbag to a loose wiring harness or other kind of component. Does the sound stop if you press on the dashboard while it is happening? If it does not stop, it is likely something in the dash. If it does stop, the sound is the actual dash. The only Chevy acknowledged dash noise in the '06 Impala is a loud snapping/popping noise coming from the piece of the dash at the bottom of the windshield. Chevy resolves this issue by removing that piece, applying felt tape to the metal clips that hold the piece in place, and reinstalling it. I have the snapping/popping noise in my '06 Impala but never had the fix done. I did not want the dealer disassembling any part of my dash.

    My '06 Impala has several squeaks and rattles in it. I have spent hours of time chasing them down and trying to resolve them. Some I have been able to fix myself with felt or foam, others have been more difficult to quiet down. Dealers hate dealing with squeaks and rattles, and many times will make matters worse instead of making them better. Keep that in mind before letting a dealer get too invasive.

  • rlpix 07/24/09 11:00 pm PST

    I have the same issue with my 06 a popping noise coming from under passenger side dash near kick panel. I also hear noise like something from the air unit not functioning correctly as if it hasnt complete its task or has gone beyon it normal job and is stuck obviously it has a motor whin sound associated to with it.

    I talked to my dealership and said they had not heard of this either, but sometimes a bad battery can cause funny noises from dash....HUH? anyway I took the battery to a local chain parts store and had the battery tested it showed it was bad... $106,oo dollar later ewith battery installed....... gues what it returned I made mulitple adjustments to setting on air unit no changes . I resloved to the old fashion ways of doing things HIT it just under dash just above right panel fuce acess, several good whcks and WA LA sound gone..... also didnt mention before sound occanionly happened during travel but mostly at shut off and continueed until battery was drained........


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