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  • markew56 01/21/11 2:22 pm PST

    No, you do not have to remove the ball joints at the control arms. After you remove the brake caliper and the axle end nut, push the axle shaft back into the hub. It will slide back about an inch, maybe a little more. This will give you enough room to get a thin wall socket on the 3 hub retaining cap screws. If I remember correctly, it takes a 15mm socket. 3/8 drive with a short extension on your ratchets works well.
    The treads on the 3 cap screws protrude through the hub flange a bit, so they will have some crud on them. Spray them well with penetrating oil before removal and clean them with a wire brush before reassembly for easier installation of the new hub. Do the same with the axle shaft end threads and retaining nut.


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