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  • cookn57 08/28/10 11:14 am PST

    I don't know if this will help try rotating the tires. I had a van that did that turns out I had a bad tire.I went through the same thing. Give it a try, it worked for me. Good Luck

  • 06dstratus 08/28/10 1:09 pm PST

    I just had my tire's replaces about a month ago, It had the noise before then, It has just gotten worst sense. Thank you though!

  • 06dstratus 08/28/10 1:10 pm PST

    Also I know that it is coming from that lack of that bushing that is suppose to be there, I just cant find out a part or anything

  • yoderman 08/30/10 8:36 pm PST

    Go to a junkyard and look for the part in another car. Pretty cheap that way, if you can find a salvage yard with that car at it.


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