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  • Stever@Edmunds 07/20/09 8:13 pm PST

    An '06 Special Edition CR-V in "clean" condition has a TMV trade-in value of $13,801 in my area with those miles - that's well below retail as you say. It does make you wonder what the catch is, but if you can believe the testimonials on their website, they sound fine. And there's no complaint history at the BBB. Their website is a bit obnoxious though with that splash page and loud music. :-)

    The higher miles wouldn't bother me. It would be nice to get the VIN and see if a friendly Honda service writer would tell you about the maintenance history.

    Getting your mechanic to check out a used car is always a good practice.

  • morin2 07/20/09 8:27 pm PST

    I'd rather have a late model with higher miles than an older one with lower miles. You get more modern technology and safety features. Its not really that high mileage - 3.5 years at 20K miles per year is much less than what I drive. In the bad old days, these are the ones that would have gotten their odometers turned back because people were so concerned about the miles. I would have no problem with the number of miles - after all, a bad owner can ruin a car with very few miles. I'd rather take this one than another that has spent all its life idling while racking up say, 20K miles. Hour-meters would really help more than odometers.

    It would be nice to get maintenance history so you can plan ahead. Ask if a mechanic can check it out - seems like its worthy of more consideration.


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