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  • karjunkie 07/14/09 12:23 pm PST

    After the wear out, get rid of them and install regular tires. There is no spare tire. Your Odyseey uses the Michelin Pax system that has an semi-rigid ring insert inside the rim that keeps the tire from collapsing if the air is lost. So, what's the problem? You can only use Michelin tires made for the system that cost 20% more than the overpriced michelins and good luck if you break down somewhere remote or need a tire right away as these are special order only.

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/14/09 2:30 pm PST

    There have been lots of complaints about high replacement costs and difficulties in getting them replaced. Michelin is giving up on them, and there's at least two class action suits about them where owners claim they were mislead about their safety and convenience.

    Honda says the Odysseys that came with PAX tires had their suspensions tuned to run with them and they don't recommend switching to conventional wheels.

    It sounds like some owners do like them, but plenty of other are posting that they are DePaxing.

    Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/20/autom


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