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  • actualsize 04/01/08 10:00 am PST

    I believe you go in behind it, through the trunk. There should be a flap in the lining behind each tail lamp assembly. A quarter-turn counter-clockwise turn should remove the bulb assembly. You might not have to unplug the wires, either.

    In cidentally, Hyundai puts the owner's manual on-line. They used to have the full shop manual on line for free, too, but since I no longer have an account (no longer have my Hyundai, either) I can't verify that.

    Go to the link below, create an account with your vehicle info and prowl around.

    Source: http://www.hyundaiusa.com/owners/myhyun

  • tam7 03/06/09 6:34 pm PST

    This site http://www.hmaservice.com/ has some information -- but just some.
    It recommends both going in from the trunk to disconnect the light bulb harness, but it says to "remove the package tray" and there is an illustration of a plastic housing that sits on TOP of the back window sill.

    There is no help for the weary, no advice as to how to get that package tray off of the "roof" of the trunk.

    still searching, still searching.

  • happydaystile 12/14/09 1:33 pm PST

    In my sonata, 2006, I never had a rear brake light. When I bought it the light was burnt out, to replace it I bought the bulb needed and removed the back cover(inside) In doing so I broke the assembly that holds the light in. I then went to the dealership and bought a replacement, I think it was only 5 dollars. When I recieved the replacement I tried many different ways of replacing the bulb, anytime the assembly was in the plastic box(inside) It would not go into place. It is impossible to reach the assembly from the trunk as well. So in looking at the new assembly it has a long tail on it after the wiring, that really does not need to be there. After breaking that part off I was able to stick it in the plastic housing(inside) and slip it into place. It was a painstaking task and I would recommend dealing without, but since I spent the money on the assembly and bulbs, I figured I would get it replaced.

  • vickieo 04/13/10 3:08 pm PST

    you have to go through the trunk. Is it just your window light or do your brake lights keep going out also? If both, there was a re-call on the system...happ

  • kepkey 06/12/10 8:21 pm PST

    The package tray is the flat piece that the center brake light is attached to. It is the horizontal piece under the rear window.
    1) Crawl in the trunk and disconnect the center brake light connector. There's a little clip that must be pushed in as you pull the connector off.

    2) Remove the rear seat back. If you have a one piece rear seat back, remove the rear seat cushion. If you have a fold down seat back, fold them down and remove the end pieces. There is a bolt on the bottom of each end piece. Using a socket with a long extension and pushing down on the seat cushion, you can get to the bolts. If you drop the bolt, you will need to remove the seat cushion.

    3) On the upper back, outboard is a hard plastic piece of trim. There is a little button that reads, “SRS Air Bag”. Use a small screwdriver and pop it out. Look inside and you will see a screw. Remove the screw. Pull part of the door gasket off in that area. Pull the hard plastic forward and work your hand behind it to pop the clips. It should come out pretty easily. Do the same on the other side.

    4) Remove the front screws that hold the package tray in. Lift up and pull out the package tray. It will not come all the way out because the seat belts are still passing through it. It will come out far enough to replace the bulb. It is a 921 bulb.

    5) Reverse the steps and reassemble.

    6) This is the most important step. Send an email to Hyundai and express your dissatisfaction with there design.

    Source: Factory manuals & a local Pick & Pull where for a $1.00 I can experiment on junk cars.


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