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  • goblue1279 06/26/08 2:13 pm PST

    I would advise you to take that van to the dealer and drop it off until they can duplicate the problem. If the dealer is not helpful call Kia yourself and if they wont help I would sugest renting a van for your trip

  • baranowlaw 07/01/08 10:20 pm PST

    I am experiencing the exact same problem. At first the dealership blamed the Magic Start ignition kill security system and it appeared that the problem was fixed when the system was replaced. However, about 10 days later, the car failed to start again. The Magic Start tech bypassed the system and the van still would not start. The tech was nice enough to perform some diagnostic tests to see if there was a charge running to the starter relay and there was. He thought that the problem was either the starter relay or the neutral switch. The van will be towed to the dealership tomorrow and I will let you know if the problem is resolved.

    If you have discovered a solution to this problem, I would greatly appreciate your response.

  • byyall 07/06/08 8:42 pm PST

    When I saw you were going FROM SOUTH CAROLINA I said a prayer for you that you are NOT IN COLUMBIA for Galeana to service your Kia. I also have a 2006 Kia Sedona that will NOT DUPLICATE problems when we are there for service.
    I have not had the same problem you are having and I pray I won't. Good luck getting it fixed.

  • capecoralbill 07/12/08 9:16 am PST


    April 11, 2007 Wednesday This is a follow up to my previous post. Today April 11, 2007, My Florida Hyundai dealer (Obrien in Ft Myers FL) replaced the "Junction Box Assembly" pn 91954-4d090.

    I was in contact with a Cheyenne WY Kia dealership, and they replaced the junction box,pn is either 91950 4d020 or 91950 4d040 depending on your vin # filter., on a different van.

    Sounds like a similar part. I hope this fixes my NO start condition. Thanks for listening

  • elleoz 07/14/08 10:38 am PST

    Just wanted to give everyone an update on the problem. Luckily for us, my van broke down again at my job which is 2 blocks away from the dealership. They sent two techs over at which time it wouldn't start for them. They advised me that it was a bad IPM relating to the security system. They gave me a loaner car and had it fixed in a few days. It hasn't given me a problem since.

    Thanks for all the input.


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