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  • zaken1 06/05/10 5:51 pm PST

    Try cleaning the battery cable clamps and battery posts with a battery cable service tool that has a tapered reamer for cleaning the inside of the clamps. Use the tool to scrape the inside of the clamps and the outside of the posts until a shiny ring appears on those surfaces. After cleaning, the clamps must be tightened until they cannot be moved by hand pressure. If the clamps will still rotate after the bolt is fully tightened; it will be necessary to either remove some metal from the point where the two clamp halves meet; or to replace the battery cables or clamps.

  • hogancarson 06/05/10 6:01 pm PST

    Thanks for the response. I did try that originally to no avail. Seems like not all electrical is effected. Only radio and interior lights.

  • zaken1 06/05/10 7:29 pm PST

    Thank you for the feedback; this is very helpful in situations where I cannot inspect or test parts. In view of your response, I would suggest replacing the accessory power relay. This part was made in two different versions; one has 4 pins (rated at 30 amps), and the other has 5 pins (rated at 20-30 amps).

  • hogancarson 06/05/10 10:15 pm PST

    Thanks. Where is this relay located? Is it in the under hood box?

  • zaken1 06/05/10 10:53 pm PST

    I'm not familiar with those details on Kia models. But it is a blue box with either 4 or 5 pins, and will be in either the underhood fuse box, or on a fuse block inside the passenger compartment.

  • pamella3 05/23/12 1:54 pm PST

    I had the same problem. It started last summer. After my husband took my remote (door look opener) off my keychain, I have not had this problem again. About 3 weeks ago he removed the remote. I was having this problem just about every day prior to this.


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