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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/08 1:00 pm PST

    It's rather hard to believe no code has been set with the electronic Throttle Control dumping into limp mode (limiting rpm range or shutting off injectors completely). Basically this is an elaborate electronic gas pedal run by various sensors and computer and input from your gas pedal. There just has to be a code here, otherwise everyone working on the car is really going to be in the dark. There are so many possibilities to guess at. Perhaps the dealership will just have to resort to parts switching until it clears up if they can't pull a code.

    You may have to insist that a factory technician be dispatched to the dealership to help them.

    I didn't see any Technical Service Bulletins or Recalls related to this problem, sorry.

  • csm3 09/23/08 3:43 pm PST

    I had the same problem with my 06 LIncoln LS (32,000 miles). Eventually, I was able to get a code stored in the computer (after leaving it with the dealer twice as well!). It turned out to be the throttle and they are replacing it as we speak....Hope this helps.

  • jtw72 08/06/09 10:15 am PST

    Mr. Shiftright,

    I'd like your thoughts, as I read your reply and thought it was most similar to what I am experiencing with my 2004 Lincoln LS V8. About a week ago, the "Check advancetrac" warning came on, along with the ABS light. Yesterday, the "ETC Engine failsafe mode" appeared. The Ford/Lincoln dealer did not give me the codes, but stated that the codes indicated needing a new throttle body. This will run $900 with parts and labor. I've read other threads where they fixed a similar problem with replacing the coils on the spark plugs, or the powerpacks on the plugs. interestingly, this all happened after several heavy recent rainffalls. I noticed others have seen issues after powerwashing the car or after heavy rains. Could my problem just be because of rain leaking? I also had water dripping on my left foot while driving, and water in my left front trunk area as well. Before I drop a grand at the dealer, could it be I need to replace the coils on the plugs before they install a new throttle body? Will this be less or more expensive than replacing the throttle body?

    Anyone's help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • kevsreng 03/02/10 6:57 am PST

    2004 Lincoln LS V8 failure caused by Throttle Body. Dealer says part on National Back order costs about $1000. Been waiting for part since December. Folks, this is a safety problem. I encoiurage you to report this.http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/


  • ultrasouthern 04/30/12 2:00 pm PST

    I have had the same problem and my dealer has had it on the "computer" several times and cannot believe it will NOT give them a code! I think they are as tired of seeing me as I am of seeing them!! I had 5 coil packs replaced ($900) PLUS, the check engine light does not come on with this!! "ETC FAILSAFE MODE"
    I'm not sure what Lincoln was thinking but this is my first and last Lincoln and I am going back to my "NO FORD PRODUCTS" rule! My brother was WRONG!!!
    I will NOT drop another $1000 into this since there is no definite answer to this anywhere that I can find! And I have no desire to keep replacing parts until we figure it out! I can get a Toyota and not have this problem! I guess my utter dispair and frustration is showing, but these are NOT cheap cars to begin with!
    Everything you said matches my situation! even the two trips,but now I'm needing number THREE! And the dealer is 30 miles away! Poor quality, poor planning, poor workmanship the whole situation is horrible!


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