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  • dfrey0929 04/03/12 8:48 am PST

    take it to a nissan dealer. nissan extended the service warranty to 80,000 miles. You can even call their customer service line for filing a claim to get it fix. Unfortunatly there are lots of us that are not covered for this and Nissan isn't doing anything to help us.

    I have the same thing. I took my car to the dealer who told me to file the claim. he said that he has seen other come through with higher mileage than mine get fixed. Well i jumped through the hoops and filed a claim and the refused to help me. The lady on the phone actually told me that if I didnt like the decision file a claim with the BBB. That's great and all, but it still don't fix my car.

  • lovebaby24 06/27/12 10:35 pm PST

    if you find an answer please let me know i have the same problem i found about a week ago going to cost me 1800.00 to fix it if i do not fix it it will tear up my transmission!


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