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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/22/11 7:59 pm PST

    Your vehicle doesn't have stability control. What you have is ABS braking and traction control, and I think you have a brake control module issue.

    You need to take the vehicle to somebody who knows what he's doing.

    You can also turn off the Traction Control in the meantime. There's a button on your dash for that.

  • excelmom 08/22/11 8:05 pm PST

    It is not the traction control system, that is a different, independent system, that yes, I can turn off, and usually do. But it is not the system that is malfunctioning. The information area on the dash says "stability control system activated" not traction control (it was off).

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/22/11 10:30 pm PST

    Oh okay my database must be wrong then. It doesn't show anything about stability control for a 2006 Montana.

    Okay, this is called Stabiltrak and it's not separate from traction control and ABS, but it's more than just those systems. Here's a brief description of Stabiltrak:

    " Three key sensors keep the ABS and traction control computer informed: one reads steering wheel angle, another reports the vehicle’s lateral acceleration and the third measures yaw rate (rotational velocity about a vertical axis through the car’s center of gravity). Information is also gathered from vehicle speed.

    But to the problem at hand. What error codes were scanned? Do you have those error codes perchance? That would be helpful. Apparently, one or more of these sensors is sending false data, wouldn't you think?

  • excelmom 08/29/11 9:48 am PST

    The Computer shows that the stability control system was activated, but there are no error codes. The machanic is suggesting replacing the sensors, new hubs - the works. -Thanks for your help.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/29/11 12:11 pm PST

    Well the hubs and sensors are all of a piece I think, so that might do it.

  • njsomething 10/30/13 11:20 am PST

    Sounds like same issue I have with my 2006 Montana SV6
    trouble codes i pulled
    C0040-right front wheel speed sensor
    C0187 Lateral Accelerometer
    C0186 Lateral Accelerometer circuit malfunction
    C0196 Yaw rate circuit malfunction
    C0253 Centering error
    C0131 ABS/TCS system pressure malfunction

    wheel bearing and speed sensors have been changed with all these errors I have no idea where to start my mechanic want to start replacing thing but that sounds too costly. any advice fromanyone could help me along with the other poor unfortant person that ownes a Montana.


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