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  • darenhandy 11/18/08 11:19 pm PST

    I dont have an answer but I have been complaining to Saturn about this same issue for over 3 months now. Everytime I take it to them they say they cant find nothing wrong. Its like you said the front end starts vibrating and at the same time the rpm needle raises up then comes back down when the vibration stops. It will do this going down the road at 35 mph. I have complained about this in the beginning but they said it was my brakes doing its self check each time I start the vehicle and head down the road. I hear that too but this is different and not right. At one point I was driving down the road and the whole front end shook so bad that I almost turned back around but went ahead and drove it anyways because its still under warranty. What really erks me is that my factory warranty just expired and just before that I purchased a 100,000 mile extended warranty from my credit union that I have the loan with and the last time I took it in(still under factory warranty) Saturn had asked me for my extended warranty papers.... I dont want to use my extended warranty for something that I had been complaining about before I purchased it.

  • chip2009 12/08/09 3:12 pm PST

    I had the same problem. I have resolved my problem by replacing clean air filter.

    I think this is what’s happening even though I am not a mechanic,

    The car computer control air/gas mixture as well as shifting automatic transmission gear. You may notice gear shift around 1400~1500 RPM in about 35 to 45 MPH. This is because the computer has pre loaded pattern controls the gear shift. The problem is that the engine at this stage “supposes” to produce certain amount of power to support either constant speed or shift the gear to accommodate the pattern. In my case, because the air filter was really dirty therefore affect the air/gas mixture and subsequently reduce the engine power output. This leads to two things

    1. Under power for the speed/gear pattern therefore causing the vibration (as if driving a standard shift in too high of a gear).

    2. Or force the engine to run in higher RPM for more power. This will lead to a different shifting pattern. After accommodated gear shifted the engine RPM come down.

    Hope this will help. Please let me know it does or doesn’t help.

  • krazee2u2 12/23/09 9:38 pm PST

    My daughter has a 5 speed Saturn Vue. Her transmission problems started last year. She spent $2,000 on it and then a month later third gear went completely out. Now 4th gear is struggling it sounds like you are grinding it.It sucks because it's not old enough to have to spend so much money on it. Saturn has not had a recall on the gear box but they need to.

    Source: Personal experience

  • tamara3 10/24/11 10:44 am PST

    I have a 2007 Saturn Vue. I have been having problems with exceleration, stalling, dash lights and now inclining. When I am driving on a incline it makes a grinding sound and has problems shifting. At random My SUV would just shut off on the highway which put myself as well as my son in a dangerous situation. Aftter months of going back in forth with the dealership not being able to mimic the problem it was finally discovered after they had it for one week. I recieved the car back and after two days immediatly took the car back to the dealership after having a new issue of the car having inclining issues. when I try to go up a hill or incline it makes a grinding sound. at random the dash lights will come on and off. When I excelerate it jerks until it gets in gear. I called the dealership and they will get it gack in.

    The issues started the day I brought my used Saturn Vue from the dealership from rotors and drums, key ignitions, stalling, dash lights and computer issues. They fixed the Engine Control Modual and brakes free of charge. But then the other items are starting to go hay wire. Not only is it having the issues mention it is also sounds like a super reared up sports car. Meaning very loud muffler sounds under the hood.

    I am beginning to think this car was a lemon. I spoke to one of the saleman at the dealership where I purchased my used vue and was told the reason it was trade was due to the issues I am having. Why would you put someone is a dangerous and pricey situation.

    I think GM needs to recall the Saturn Vue Key ignition and computers issues these cars are having before it ends in a fatality. Oh I forgot they do not make saturns anymore. So what is our recourse. Most of these issue may not be the dearliship fault due to this being a manufacturing issue. Although the dealerships should have done a better job on checking on thier used cars.

    Looks Like I am stuck with payments I can afford but repairs I can not. What do you do. I will be upside down trading this SUV and the dealership doesnt want the problem back.

    Will GM fix these mechanical issues or will I suffer?

    When I joined the military they taught me the most important thing I live by everyday to make a difference. Intergrity first, Sevice before self, and excellence in all we do.

    It sad that not all live by the same qoute and people like me have to suffer with the burdens of other people morality ethical and integrity issues.

    This car is a saftey concern and someone needs to address it.

    On 17 Sept 2011 my Saturn Vue stalled (cut off) in the middle of 135 during Dallas Traffic. My son and I got out of the car before a Disel almost conlided with us.

    Who else is having these issues? What do we do?. I am fortuante enough to live down from my base and i do not have far to drive. But I will not trust this on any Highways. And now I am responsible for everything happening to this car I have only owned for 8 months. It has been in the shope over 20 times in eight months with the first being 2 days I have I purchased it and now I am due back in agian tomorrow for the same issues that are ongoing.

    The Dealership wants me to take a loss and trade it which they will only give me 7000.00 they will not buy this lemon back. Then told me I need 4000.00 down before they can help me. They sold me a lemon because they did not do the through check of this vechile before giving it to another person. I went to JAG and they are sayings its a Civil Issue and thier is not lemon laws in KS for used cars. They what do we do for Justice!!!???

    Help if you have any suggestions on what I can do before a fatality happens in this SUV.

  • sienasnedeker 04/22/12 2:03 am PST

    I am trying to find a lawyer to go after Saturn. I have complained about my transmission since the day I bought it new from the dealership. Then I got a recal notice and a year latter my transmission blew up! One fuming mommy!

  • saturn2x 06/29/13 5:32 pm PST

    I am having the same issue. I had never had an suv from saturn until June 1, 2013 I got used with 99,??? miles and I love it but I did notice that right away and I notice is even more and It is the same and I have fnt wheel drive I was thinking the timing on the abs I found and alot about the tranny and I have had 2 mechanics say that it is normal and it is the chip shifting gears and it turns off to do it. but then I don't know if that is accurate. They say it is an atv or avt transmission system which is what nissan uses for their vehicles and you don't feel it shift at all.


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