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  • 0patience 07/06/08 12:18 am PST

    What were the trouble codes?

  • casepuller 07/06/08 8:58 am PST

    They didn't say. My brother-in-law works in their parts dept. so he takes it in for me when the light comes on.

  • 0patience 07/06/08 1:06 pm PST

    Without knowing what the codes were, we aren't much help.
    Sounds to me as if they are guessing.

  • casepuller 07/06/08 2:27 pm PST

    They keep saying something about the oxygen sensor & cleaning the particulate filter. I'm just wondering if there are other people that are having the same problem or is it isolated to my truck alone.
    I had the truck in the shop 2 weeks ago to the day that the check engine light came back on.
    I have a truck with 12,000 miles on it and the check engine light keeps coming on.

  • 81dodge 07/26/08 1:52 pm PST

    i had a 2008 in the other day..it needed a particular filter, 02 sensor module recall, ecm update (to run the self desoot) and update the CCN..i had to go in and manuallly run the desoot on the truck and drive it..but it should be good to go..this truck only had 5400 miles on it..they need to be driven on the highway every so often..

  • net_rider 08/06/08 5:17 am PST

    hi, i have just purchased an 07 ram as well, its the big I6 , it had only 7000km on it and i love it. the integrated engine break is certainly my favorite feature. funny thing, after 9 days riding it, le light engine lit up, so after a day of worries, i rushed back to the dealership and ran into the gentleman who sold it to me. this is where i am gonna sound really stupid, since i am not a mechanic, i bought it. he told me, did you fill up yet. i said yes of course. well then he said, how many turns did u put on the gas lid? i remembered exactly how many (2). so he explained: you are not the first one coming here for that problem the week following the purchase he said! he said i can assure you that it takes 7 to 8 turns on that lid. this prevents air from getting into the system. i started laughing and went out accross the hall to get an appointment with the service dept to have it checked out. And they explain something else to me. the fuel lid is occasionaly a problem but it can be something else, if the results show no fault, then we assume it is the lid, in which case, we charge you 160$ fee for the test. if it appears that there is a real problem warranty will take care of everything. so i took the appointment, and left thinking i am better give a few twist to that lid. well, i have not had any engine light since that day. and i filled up again and made sure that i had 8 turns and still no light. looks like the salesman saved me 160$. i know it sound ridiculous, but this is my experience of the engine light problem. i also found out that this engine light can be reset at the flick of a switch, if not fault were found and it is indeed suspected that air would have entered the system. hope that helps. cheers all...

    i loved my toyota. i will never have a ford again. Rams are outstanding!

    2007 Ram 2500HD SLT 6.7L DIESEL 4X4 QUADCAB
    AVG CITY: 14.5 MPG
    AVG HWY: NOT TESTED YET ( I will be testing in 2 weeks, as i will be driving accross canada coast to coast with box full and a loaded uhaul 6x12 enclosed trailer) will keep you guys posted.

    Victoria, BC, Canada

  • kyrakai 09/30/08 9:14 pm PST

    I am sooo with you on that! I bought the 2008 and it has been in the shop four times.
    First for a new fuel injector. They accused me of using the wrong gas. I showed them the receipt.
    Next because the Exhaust Regeneration would happen and the check engine light would come on.
    On the third visit, when they replaced the oxygen sensor, they told me the same thing. They said that I was driving it wrong and the next time the exhaust regeneration caused the check engine light to come on, I should drive it for an hour on freeway at at least 75 mph. The two results of this: 1) started getting 15.1 mpg instead of 12 mpg, 2) not only did the check engine light go on, the epic advised me to seek service immediately. Dodge KNOWS that the new emission system is buggier than a roach motel at midnight in a fleabag apt., but for some reason would prefer to put the blame on the user.

    I am waiting to see what they come up with tomorrow, when I pick the truck up from it's last service nightmare.

  • dvaldes 10/03/09 9:41 am PST

    call a lawer that to look at your case on my 2007 ram 3500.chrysler has now blamed these problems on fuel contamination. and are aware of problems with their ecm and egr valve but won''t admit it I' not a mechanic but a guy thats having the same problem and the cost of replacing the system once a year isn't worth it and it's not or fault chrysler put out a bad product. Good luck my truck has been sitting in my drive way for 3 weeks after it sat at lithia dodge for a week while they came up with this lie.

    Source: I' going through the same problem and I'm looking for more people getting screwed by chrysler

  • amazon123 01/21/10 8:39 pm PST

    I bought an 08 Diesel 2500 18 months ago. It has had 18 visits for emision trouble codes. I threatened a lawsuit. I have had 500 trouble free miles since. The 6.7 is a problem motor ever since Dodge put it on the market in the middle of 07. They said I averaged 28 miles an hour and that is why I have had so much trouble. Hunting and fishing and hauling anything a PU is suppose to causes build-up of soot in the DPF (diesel particulate filter). I am on my 3rd turbo charger. I now have what Dodge calls a heavier duty turbo. I bought Dodges lifetime oil changes and while I was filling up my wiper fluid, I checked the oil. Dodge had overfilled my crankcase 3 quarts! Needless to say i cancelled my oil changes and was reimbursed. I traded in a perfectly good 2005 Dodge 5.9 diesel 4x4 with 50k miles. Never a problem. I thought I needed a bigger motor to pull my boat, boy was that a mistake. I will not purchase another Dodge again! I have heared that Dodge mechanics just read trouble codes and adjust the diesel injection. If buyer is told about the emision troubles before they purchased these lemons, Dodge has a right to complain about trucks not being driven right. Dodge is just digging for excuses for their lemon.

  • amazon123 01/25/10 11:22 am PST

    Dodge is looking to place the blame of a lemon motor on anyone except Dodge. There is no instructions in the owner's manual about driving a certain way or not. Dodge put out a faulty product and they want it to go away. The way I have been treated by Dodge has left a bitter taste in memory. I will force Dodge to own up to there faulty excuse for a PU.


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