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  • zaken1 06/14/09 7:37 pm PST

    If you tried to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery; that procedure can only be used on OBD1 vehicles (typically pre 1996). Your OBDII vehicle requires the code to be cleared with a scanner. If the battery is just disconnected; the code will not be cleared; which is why it keeps coming back.

    But anyway; there is a 50,000 mile federal emission warranty on your vehicle. Any problems with the check engine light should be taken care of for free by the dealer.

  • subearu 06/14/09 10:20 pm PST

    Actually, the code will reset, as he indicates the CEL goes off.

    So, it might be another code and not the dreaded gas cap CEL. Have an AutoZone or similar scan the codes and post back here for someone to help you out on. Since it is coming back, it might actually be needing replacement.


  • ramartin 10/25/10 7:28 pm PST



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