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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/14/10 5:01 pm PST

    That was a recall concerning a manfunctioning "MIL" or check engine light, caused by the need to re-program the engine computer and replacing a "shutter valve" in the intake system----so not EGR related.

    Since an EGR is not defined as a "major emissions component" under the Federal 80,000 mile emissions warranty, it looks like you are out of luck on both counts here.

    However, if your vehicle hasn't had the recall done already, maybe you should have that attended to:

    2007 CX-7 built from February 14, 2006 through February 24, 2007 VIN Range: JM3 ER29** 70 100057 - 163409

    A defective EGR should not be that expensive to fix.


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